Here you can find the articles and opinion pieces I have written for numerous outlets: including Shout Out UK, openDemocracy, and the Oxford Student Newspaper.

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Posts published for other platforms

USA Election 2020:

Can the Democrats reclaim the American South?

Is Trump’s suspicion of mail-in voting justified?

Biden’s Game: What does his sudden surge in popularity mean?

US Election: Is Biden’s only appeal that he is ‘not Trump’?

The diversity of thought lacking in American media

Trump’s new path to victory: Patriotism

US Presidential Race 2020: How Trump lost America

UK Politics 2020:

Identity Politics and the danger of our tribal instincts

Silence of the Tories: Hong Kong can revive Labour


A lost youth because of lockdown

UK Election 2019:

Defeated Grimsby MP Melanie Onn talks voters and Labour Party

Boris Johnson: The undisputed leader

The Conservatives’ daring election strategy

UK Politics:

The Brexit revolution: Where next?

Supreme Court breaks Britain’s constitution

An election is coming … but only when No Deal is blocked

Why a No-Deal Brexit cannot be stopped

Tory Leadership Contest: Missed opportunities and lack of policy focus

The Brexit revolution sweeping the country

No Deal is not the lesson from May’s resignation

Shadow of Brexit looms over Downing Street, as Government faces another impasse over May’s deal

Why I fear a timid Brexit risks causing a rise in far-right extremism

May’s dark victory: 200 MPs say we’re with you – at least for the next 12 months

Making History: UK Youth Parliament launches largest survey of young people

Voter identification schemes ‘worked well’ at May’s Local Elections

Local Election results reflect the hung parliament Britain is ruled by

Democracy Dashboard: The missing piece British politics desperately needs

I Quit! Has Justine Greening’s departure effectively ended the Tories’ ‘modernism’?

Theresa’s Rapid Reshuffle: A Game of Chess

Phase two of Brexit talks promises a tough 2018 for the UK

An Image of Chaos: This Government needs a reset

Labour Party Conference: Riding the wave of strategy, passion and positivity

Labour’s tactical swing to the liberal youth threatens REVENGE by 2019

‘It’: The monster killing informed debate

16 & 17 with no vote? Shout Louder and create change!

UK Election 2017:

Labour lost the election because Jeremy Corbyn ignored the working-class voter

Corbyn’s Success, May’s blunder & what happens next?

Younger Voters Teach Tories a Lesson

The ‘Brexit Election’ that never was

May’s Grand Tory Party Plan: Erase and reconquer

USA Election 2016:

Heil Trump! The tyrant choking America

President Trump pledges to put America first

Trump’s First Press Conference: Remaking America

US Election Campaign, FLORIDA – The Inside Story

Obama’s Broken American Dream

Trump: The buffoon who got America to listen

Us Election: Welcome to the United States of America

If WikiLeaks leaks any further, it will hand Trump the Presidency

EU Referendum 2016:

BREXIT Lesson Number 1 – The Reshaping of British Politics

End of establishment reign?

Britain is ‘OUT’

The Final Word – Vote with your heart!

Meet The Man Behind The EU Referendum Polls

How the spirit of hope and anger is ravaging Western politics

Momentum seems to be changing towards Brexit

It’s the economy stupid – Interview with Darren Grimes

Prime Minister turns to tinder and LAD Bible to save the referendum

Honest facts are what’s needed

Cameron’s cowardice shows he’s only interested in retaining power



Defeated Grimsby MP Melanie Onn talks voters and Labour Party

Youngest US Mayor, Matt Shorraw talks: Politics and Corruption

Reeling from the effects of deindustrialisation, Monessen turns to Matt Shorraw: its youngest ever Mayor

EXCLUSIVE: President of European Youth Forum on the twin revolutions sweeping Britain

Exclusive! Luis Alvardo: A realistic view of the future

Interview Exclusive: Head of UKIP Youth Talks Candidly

Meet The Man Behind The EU Referendum Polls

It’s the economy stupid – Interview with Darren Grimes

Brexit brawl: Who will be the lead campaign group?

Our Referendum Road Trip: Scunthorpe

100 Days To Go: Voters Gather Round!

Brexit chaos: The gloves are off!

Boris Johnson: Opportunist or man of principal?

Hopefire: The politics of hope

The vote that will change Britain and Europe forever


A focus group of young people react to the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Story

Gutter Youth: Damning report claims UK Youth is ‘more downbeat than most’

Grenfell was only the tip of the UK’s social problem of poverty

What makes populism WORK and FAIL

We know what you did this summer, and we won’t forget

We need to stop all this name-calling!

Europe is being destroyed from the inside

Brussels Attacks: Fight for Europe!

The EU must lead by example in this refugee crisis or else …

Catalan separatists finally unite for independence

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