Between July 2020 and January 2021 I was the USA Election Correspondent for Shout Out UK. Here is a page dedicated to my coverage of this monumental campaign.

Latest Analysis

How Trump lost America

How Trump lost America

A savage pandemic has left America vulnerable and disappointed. Protection and power are what voters want. When the Spanish Flu… Continue reading How Trump lost America

Weekly campaign summary

11th July – 16th July

Campaign Summary: Donald Trump criticised US infectious disease expert Antony Fauci: ‘he’s made a lot of mistakes’ and said ‘I disagree with him’ on Fauci’s assessment the country was not in a… Continue reading 11th July – 16th July

6th July – 10th July:

Summary of the week’s campaign: Another record for coronavirus cases on Wednesday with more than 59,400 infections.  Is this a problem for Trump? Yes. The cases are rising fastest in key… Continue reading 6th July – 10th July:

29th June – 3rd July:

Summary of the week’s campaign. Coronavirus dominated the news agenda. On Thursday the US set a single day case record with more than 50,000 new cases reported – more than… Continue reading 29th June – 3rd July:


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