Between July 2020 and January 2021 I was the USA Election Correspondent for Shout Out UK. Here is a page dedicated to my coverage of this monumental campaign.

Weekly campaign summary

1st August – 6th August

There was hope Biden’s VP would be announced but on Monday ‘Biden extended his search by as much as two weeks. Some longtime Biden allies worry the “process has become… Continue reading 1st August – 6th August

24th July – 31st July

Campaign Summary: With much focus this week on events in the Senate and Congress, here’s a special weekly update on the state of the Senate elections also taking place this… Continue reading 24th July – 31st July

17th July – 23rd July

Campaign Summary: Trump is planning to ‘deploy 150 federal agents to Chicago this week’ despite the Mayor declaring ‘we don’t want them’. In the last two months the presence of federal agents in Portland… Continue reading 17th July – 23rd July


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