Between July 2020 and January 2021 I was the USA Election Correspondent for Shout Out UK. Here is a page dedicated to my coverage of this monumental campaign.

Weekly campaign summary

Election Night Guide:

The Indicators:Are you satisfied with way things ‘are going in America’? September: 14% yes, October: 19% (Gallup)This is mainly down to Republicans increasing, Independents have remained at 14%. Obama won re-election at 33%,… Continue reading Election Night Guide:

17th October – 23rd October

Reaction to the Debate: Trump: ‘people are learning to live’ with Covid, Biden: ‘People are learning to die with it’.Biden noted US immigration policy was making the US ‘laughing stock’.… Continue reading 17th October – 23rd October

10th October – 16th October

Campaign Summary 10th October – 16th October: Last night Trump and Biden held duelling town hall forums, replacing the scheduled second Presidential debate: –       NBC host frequently called out Trump for making… Continue reading 10th October – 16th October


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