A letter of anger and sadness concerning the Government’s policy on Universities.

Following the announcement made by the Prime Minister on Monday evening, I write to express my concern with Government policy regarding universities. As a resident in your constituency, I attended Queen Elizabeth’s High School before Oxford University. Tonight I am back home in Scotton, feeling abandoned by a government I voted for and facing more months of lost time and broken dreams. When revising for … Continue reading A letter of anger and sadness concerning the Government’s policy on Universities.

The dangerous regionalism that threatens the U.K.

Looking back across history, unique to our experience of a pandemic will be both the achievement of a vaccine, and the fact we lived through it without a national identity to cling to, or a religion to offer support. Looking for comfort, people turned inward, and in England this helped create a dangerous form of regional identity. Continue reading The dangerous regionalism that threatens the U.K.

US Election Podcast: The Aftermath

Listen to the final episode from our ‘US Election with Erik Green’ podcast series. We talk once again to Democratic voter Amelia Morel and Greg Swenson from Republican Overseas. Discussing the last few months of the campaign, what happened on election night, and what next for the two parties, and for America. Plus what has surprised them about their country since the last time we … Continue reading US Election Podcast: The Aftermath

Biden’s Wisconsin Victory Reflects a Polarised America.

How did Joe Biden win Wisconsin? Not by flipping the 22 counties which Trump won from Obama in 2016. Joe Biden won only two counties taken by Trump in 2016: County Obama Romney Clinton Trump Biden Trump Door 52.95% 45.96% 45.55% 48.77% 50.00% 48.60% Sauk 58.68% 40.21% 46.85% 47.20% 50.00% 48.40% The vote change in the remaining 20 counties which Trump had won from Obama … Continue reading Biden’s Wisconsin Victory Reflects a Polarised America.

Biden’s first test.

How will the world remember Donald Trump’s election night speech? Ever the showman, it caught the international audience perfectly. Most of America was still awake, in Europe, many were watching the news over breakfast, and in Asia, they were already deep into the afternoon. The world was watching the President of the United States following the practice of its greatest democratic exercise. In the county … Continue reading Biden’s first test.

Disjointed, ambiguous, and dangerous.

Disjointed, and ambiguous. That was the story of the night and is this morning what threatens the stability of American Democracy. Joe Biden leads by 13 electoral college votes, with both sides having clear paths to victory with nine states left to declare. The evening was one of mirages. With Biden taking an early lead in Ohio, only to fall significantly behind Trump once ballots … Continue reading Disjointed, ambiguous, and dangerous.

Election Night Guide:

The Indicators: Are you satisfied with way things ‘are going in America’? September: 14% yes, October: 19% (Gallup)This is mainly down to Republicans increasing, Independents have remained at 14%. Obama won re-election at 33%, Reagan 48%. George WH Bush lost at 22%. Economic confidence is slightly better: -32 April to -4 October. BUT it was +41 before the pandemic (highest in two decades). Amongst independents they are -9 … Continue reading Election Night Guide: