Twitter: @Erik_Green8

Instagram: blog_egreen


Began working for Shout Out UK as a political journalist in 2016

Reported on and analysed the 2016 EU Referendum, Brexit, USA Election 2016, and the UK Election 2019.

Was part of live online coverage for the USA Election night of 2016, and the UK Election night of 2019.

Have interviewed the former Labour MP Melanie Onn (2019), United States Mayor of Monessen Matt Shorraw (2018 and 2019), Be Leave Founder Darren Grimes (2016), the chair of European Youth Forum Luis Alvardo (2017), Pollster Matt Singh (2016) and the head of UKIP Youth Jamie Ross McKenzie (2016) Along with numerous party officials, members, activists and voters.

Was part of two podcast episodes for Shoutout UK analysing the USA 2016 Election and then discussing my interview with the Mayor of Monessen Matt Shorraw.

Went to QEHS Gainsborough, and now study history at Brasenose College, Oxford.

I am currently reporting on the US Election for Shout Out UK, including recording a podcast ‘US Election With Erik Green’

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