Reaction to the Debate:

  • Trump: ‘people are learning to live’ with Covid, Biden: ‘People are learning to die with it’.
  • Biden noted US immigration policy was making the US ‘laughing stock’. Trump said children were ‘so well taken care of’.
  • Trump boasted about his cross-party criminal justice reform and funding for historically black colleges. Biden was attacked for sponsoring a draconian crime bill in the 1990s.

Axios conclusion: ‘A more disciplined Trump held back from rowdy interruptions, while making some assertions so outlandish that Biden even closed his eyes. Trump swung several times but never quite landed’ a blow over the nebulous cloud of allegations concerning the Hunter Biden story. Trump made great task of trying to reclaim ground on his economic performance.

The Media:

  • Trump released footage of his interview with CBS before it was broadcast, ‘decrying the bias, hatred and rudeness shown towards him’.  
  • Twitter and Facebook prevented the sharing of a New York Post Story about Hunter Biden. ‘It’s a crucial moment because the tech platforms seem to be trying to heed the traditional responsibility of publishers’  
  • The Hunter Biden story was top of Fox News’s morning bulletin yesterday, despite it being 8 days old. Meanwhile, CNN have led every day with the news of increasing Covid-19 rates.

The Vote:

  • Biden’s campaign has booked $162m in tv ad time from October 1st. Trump has booked $79m.
  • The FBI have said Iran was responsible for sending threatening emails to Democratic voters, as the agency declared Iran and Russia have US Voter information and are contacting them. Iran’s Spoof emails claimed to be sent by far-right Proud Boys group to “intimate voters and incite unrest”.
  • Democratic turnout in early voting is starting to narrow. In N.Carolina, the margin between Democrats and Republicans who have already ‘cast their ballot has been cut in half’. In Florida, the Democratic lead in total ballots cast has narrowed from 21points to 13.

* Judge Amy Coney Barret moved ‘one step closer to the Supreme Court as the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced her nomination’ with Republican support alone. Democrats boycotted the vote.

*  The FT has published a damning long-read of New York’s handling of Covid-19, revealing tensions within the state, between it and Washington, and a dangerous hubris that led to warnings being ignored. “We insisted on relearning lessons other had learnt. Our lack of action probably harmed the entire country”.

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