Campaign Summary 10th October – 16th October:

Last night Trump and Biden held duelling town hall forums, replacing the scheduled second Presidential debate:

–       NBC host frequently called out Trump for making claims that 85% of people who wear masks still got Covid and that two million could have died from the virus without White House measures. Trump declined to denounce QAnon, saying he didn’t know what it was.

–       30 mins in and this was the conclusion from Biden’s Town Hall: ‘No news out. No news is just fine when you’re the front runner’. But he did refuse to rule out packing the Supreme Court and promised a position by Election Day.

In Washington DC it was all about the confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett. The key lines:

–       She warned ‘no one is above the law’ but said the Supreme Court had no real recourse to ensure that people, including the President, obeyed its orders.

–       Declined to say whether it’s wrong to separate migrant children from parents: ‘That’s a matter of hot political debate’ despite such a case scheduled slated in the upcoming months.

–       Said she doesn’t remark ‘Roe vs Wade as a super precedent case – one that the court could never overrule. Although did say if you use a different definition of such, a precedent that’s more than 40 years old, then I would include Roe on that list’.

–       After ten years trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, and with a lawsuit pending in the S.Court, Republicans tried to defuse it as a campaign issue, with a litany of personal health stories coming from Kamala Harris. Mitch McConnel said ‘Nobody believes the Supreme Court is going to strike down ACA’.

–       A slight majority of voters oppose holding hearings before election, but this has

reduced since Trump announced his replacement.

Covid-19: The White House embraced a declaration by a group of scientists arguing authorities should allow virus to spread among young healthy people whilst protecting the elderly/vulnerable to seek herd immunity’ rather than waiting for a vaccine. Cases in the US have increased by 21% over last 14 days, but deaths are down 2%. Biden said: ‘The only senior Trump seems to care about’ is himself.

Trump visited on Wednesday Iowa, seeking ‘support from constituencies not long ago he thought he had in the bag: big business and voters in the red state of Iowa’. 

Some Numbers:

–       Biden has because of the pandemic had ‘shockingly little scrutiny’. Since 31st August he has answered less than half as many question from the Press as Trump, and went almost 3 months without taking questions from reporters. Yet to be pinned down on views concerning S.Court, fracking, reparations for African Americans, police funding, Medicare for All, Green Deal. 

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