Reaction to the first Presidential Debate:

The Washington Post: ‘The debate probably did more to help Biden, at a moment when Trump needed to change the shape and trajectory of the campaign. But that’s not what people will remember. Even partisans locked into their choices were probably dispirited. Axios: “Neither Democrats nor Republicans were convinced that their guy won. And it’s hard to believe many Americans are eager to tune in to the next two debates” CNN: “It wasn’t even a debate, it was a disgrace”.  The Atlantic: “A Disgusting Night for Democracy”

Across the World…The Times: “The clearest loser was America” Le Monde: “A terrible storm” Der Spiegel: “Like a car accident” La Repubblica: “Never had American politics sunk so low” China’s Global Times: “The most chaotic presidential debate” Times of India: “The US embarrassed itself before the world for 100 minutes”

Anything of note? Biden distanced himself from the left of the party, and Trump ‘pointedly refused to condemn white supremacist groups’. Trump also ‘telegraphed with clarity that there’s unlikely to be a clean outcome to the election’, saying the Supreme Court will be counted on to look at ballots.

For us Brits: Remember when the Conservatives did this in 2019? Before the debate, Biden’s team created a twitter account called @truth to fact check Trump.

The Numbers: 69% reported the debate making them feel ‘Annoyed’. 17% were ‘Informed’(YouGov)

Other snippets:

The NYTimes revealed Donald Trump paid only $750 in income tax in 2016/17, and $0 in 10 of the previous 15 years. Mainly because ‘his biggest businesses report losing millions of dollars year after year, he reported losing much more than he made’. The average American household paid $8,000 in taxes in 2018.

  • This cut through: with 4.6million social media interaction for this story, compared to: Trump/Cohen Moscow project 773k, Stormy Daniels 68k. Nearest was 1.3 million – Trump $1blillion businesses losses report.
  • Will it affect the race?  ‘It melts Trump’s support a little more with white voters without college degrees. He’s lost so much support elsewhere that he must hold every last member of his core group.
  • Trump announced Amy Coney Barret as his nominee for the Supreme Court.
    • When confirmed it means the court will ‘operate with a stout 6-3 conservative majority, rather than previous 5-4’. Whereas ‘a relative balance meant neither bloc could dominate, the court’s conservative bloc will be able to afford to lose a vote and still prevail. For example Roberts swung to the liberal side in 2012, to uphold the Affordable Care Act. A new challenge to Obamacare is slated for the upcoming term, and many conservatives still aim to reverse the Roe v Wade decision.

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