17th October – 23rd October

Reaction to the Debate: Trump: ‘people are learning to live’ with Covid, Biden: ‘People are learning to die with it’. Biden noted US immigration policy was making the US ‘laughing stock’. Trump said children were ‘so well taken care of’. Trump boasted about his cross-party criminal justice reform and funding for historically black colleges. Biden was attacked for sponsoring a draconian crime bill in the … Continue reading 17th October – 23rd October

10th October – 16th October

Campaign Summary 10th October – 16th October: Last night Trump and Biden held duelling town hall forums, replacing the scheduled second Presidential debate: –       NBC host frequently called out Trump for making claims that 85% of people who wear masks still got Covid and that two million could have died from the virus without White House measures. Trump declined to denounce QAnon, saying he didn’t know what it … Continue reading 10th October – 16th October

Will the Cuban-American vote help Trump win Florida?

A pivotal state and one with a history of having close voting outcomes Originally Published at Shout Out UK on Friday 16th October 2020. For both candidates victory in Florida is essential to taking the White House. Without it, Donald Trump will certainly face defeat on November 3. Joe Biden would need to considerable gains in redder states elsewhere to make up for Florida’s 29 … Continue reading Will the Cuban-American vote help Trump win Florida?

Trump’s illness reveals a transatlantic problem: Can a leader be ‘one of us’ and ‘exceptional’?

Trump’s untimely illness reveals something primal about what we want from our leaders. For most of history, humans saw their leaders as representatives of God. Two years after his death, Caesar was deified as ‘Divus Julius’ (Divine Julius). At his coronation, ‘heaven and earth agreed’ to Genghis Khan’s selection. Ancient leaders have always been ‘exceptional’. From birth, they had greater status and power than any of their … Continue reading Trump’s illness reveals a transatlantic problem: Can a leader be ‘one of us’ and ‘exceptional’?

26th September – 2nd October

Reaction to the first Presidential Debate: The Washington Post: ‘The debate probably did more to help Biden, at a moment when Trump needed to change the shape and trajectory of the campaign. But that’s not what people will remember. Even partisans locked into their choices were probably dispirited. Axios: “Neither Democrats nor Republicans were convinced that their guy won. And it’s hard to believe many … Continue reading 26th September – 2nd October