The California Problem: ‘California has become a warming, epidemic-challenged and expensive state, with for the first time in a decade, more people’ leaving the state ‘than arrived’.

Trump says it’s an example of Democrat-caused urban unrest, irresponsible immigration policy and poor forest management. This week those forests burned. 60% of them managed by the federal government. As climate has shifted to one of extremes, fires are burning 3.1million acres land, 3000 homes and at least 22 lives.

The Washington Post: ‘The novel coronavirus and wildfires have revealed much for Californians: who stays safe, who keeps their jobs’. The world’s fifth largest economy is built by government policy and private enterprise to favour Silicon Valley and the wealthy. The rest is increasingly a service economy’.

The fires brought climate change, for the first time in this campaign, to the forefront of the agenda. Where do the two candidates stand on environmental policy?

Trump: Guided by scepticism of established science and his contempt of government regulation, has rolled back nearly every regulation implemented by Obama: weakening the limits on greenhouse gas emissions from cars, trucks and the oil/gas industry. Also relaxed pollution regulations on coal-fired power plants, to revive the industry.

Biden: Promises to invest $2trillion in a green jobs program to build renewable energy infrastructure: end of fossil fuels to generate electricity by 2025 and Zero-emissions by 2050. Significantly more aggressive than plans he put forward in the Primary and is an attempt to appeal to the liberal wing of the party, otherwise sceptical of him.

Other snippets:

  • Trump scored foreign policy success, heralding ‘the dawn of a new Middle East’ after UAE and Bahrain, formally recognised Israel.
  • Bernie Sanders privately expressing concerns about Biden campaign, urging him to focus on pocketbook issues and appeals to liberal voters – talk about healthcare and economic plans more.
  • Biden has created a war cabinet room in waiting on Covid-19, with major figures from Obama, Clinton, and Bush administrations drafting plans on vaccines, PPE< ramping up testing and reopening schools. Effort began six months ago. Hope to have plans ready to go into effect once inaugurated.

How does America see Europe? Nate Silver – prominent American pollster- tweets ‘fact Europe is having rise in cases and being pretty nonchalant about it should maybe cause people to revise their priors on how long Americans will tolerate restrictions’.

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