Can Americans trust the polls this time?

2016 was not a disaster in terms of polling predictions if we take a closer look Originally Published at Shout Out UK on Friday 25th September. On Monday, Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance alarmed the country with warnings of rising Covid-19 cases. On Tuesday, Keir Starmer stressed (again) that he wasn’t Jeremy Corbyn and that Labour ‘love this country as you do’. That evening, the Prime … Continue reading Can Americans trust the polls this time?

18th September – 25th September

Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg died aged 87 on Friday. ‘Ginsburg bore witness to, argued for, and helped to constitutionalize the most hard-fought revolution in modern American history: the emancipation of women’. Ginsburg’s Achievements: In Reed v Reed 1971, won the argument that an Idaho statue ‘that gave preference to men in executing estates’ violated the 14th Amendment. Became the first woman to hold … Continue reading 18th September – 25th September

From Trade to Race. The Swing States of Midwest America.

Overlaying a broadcast interview with CNN, was a headline that epitomises the problem Joe Biden faces in winning back Midwestern America. It read, ‘Biden now says he was against NAFTA, after voting for it’. This came in a week when Biden revealed, in Michigan, his new tax plan, which promised a 10% tax break for companies that reinvested in the Midwest. Printed across the podium … Continue reading From Trade to Race. The Swing States of Midwest America.

11th September – 17th September

The California Problem: ‘California has become a warming, epidemic-challenged and expensive state, with for the first time in a decade, more people’ leaving the state ‘than arrived’. Trump says it’s an example of Democrat-caused urban unrest, irresponsible immigration policy and poor forest management. This week those forests burned. 60% of them managed by the federal government. As climate has shifted to one of extremes, fires … Continue reading 11th September – 17th September

4th September – 10th September

This was a week when the mood in Trump’s campaign was improving, before the sudden release of revelations on his handling of Covid-19. ITV showed how in Louisville, Kentucky, problems of law and order dominate the streets:. ‘America’s militias are feeling empowered and emboldened. Over the weekend, different groups collided in a chaotic display of non-state armed power. Strikingly, the police, the National Guard and civic leaders … Continue reading 4th September – 10th September

28th August – 2nd September

This was a week when law and order was the primary focus of the campaign after events in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week. What happened in Kenosha? Sunday: Kenosha Police respond to a call of ‘domestic incident’, where Blake was found allegedly trying to break it up. Blake was then shot seven times in the back as he leaned into a vehicle, where his three children … Continue reading 28th August – 2nd September