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* Hurricane Laura continues to hit Texas and Louisiana. But what impact do natural disasters have on US Elections. What can we learn from the real life Jaws?*

Republican Convention Week

Monday: It was promised that the Republican Convention would offer a positive/upbeat vision of America, in contrast to Democrat’s sombre gloom last week. Former UN ambassador Niki Haley said: ‘My father wore a turban. My mother wore a sari. We faced discrimination. It’s now fashionable to say that America is racist. That is a lie’. Yet positivity soon unravelled with Donald Trump Jr claiming Democrats ‘attack the very principles on which our nation was founded. Guilfoyle said they ‘want to destroy this country’. A concerted effort was made to counter accusations by Dems that Trump failed on Race and Covid: Senator Tim Scott, the lone Black Republican in the Senate: ‘Joe Biden said if a Black man didn’t vote for him, he wasn’t truly Black. We are not one monolithic community’. A video montage touted Trump’s actions to mitigate the pandemic and ‘played selectively edited clips of some Democratic leaders expressing appreciation for’ his actions.

Tuesday: Melania Trump’s speech aimed to counter criticisms made of her husband’s handling of the pandemic: ‘Donald will not rest until he has done all he can to take care of everyone impacted’. ‘She spoke calmly and quietly of kindness and compassion’. On race she said: “I urge people to come together: stop the violence and looting, though done in the name of justice. Never judge anyone based on the colour of their skin.” It was a concerted effort to appeal to female voters.  Mike Pompeo made deliberate speech to energise evangelical vote: speaking from Jerusalem touting the new peace agreement between Israel and the UAE. A deal ‘popular with President Trump’s base of evangelical voters’.

Wednesday: Mike Pence made reference to the Kenosha protests: ‘You wont be safe in Joe Biden’s America. The violence must stop. Trump and I will always support the right of Americans to peaceful protest, but rioting and looting is not peaceful protest’. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made a ‘very personal speech that spoke to Trump’s character, and the support she received’ during her preventative mastectomy. Speakers appealed to traditional conservative values in America as they ‘characterised Trump as being without compare on opposing abortion rights’.  

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