*** Overnight Joe Biden made his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. Click here for the latest analysis ***

Democratic Convention Week:

·      Monday: the focus was on race relations and covid, deliberate for these are areas Biden leads Trump on (24% on race) and are the issues voters’ choices ‘are being determined by’. Michelle Obama said Trump ‘Trump ‘simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. He cannot meet this moment’. George Floyd’s brother led a minutes silence and Kristin Urquiza made impactful speech blaming Trump for her father’s death from covid. Bernie sanders urged his supporters to elect Biden, significantly avoiding these scenes of division from 2016, and offered some of the only policy details of the night: ‘Biden’s healthcare policy will enrol more Americans into Medicare and lower prescription drug prices’.

·      Tuesday: Again all about Trump, with Jill Biden describing a sorrowful state of education with schools closed from covid: ‘this quiet is heavy’. Significantly this emotively weakened the Republican line that Dems want schools to remain closed. Dems also attacked Trump on foreign policy – John Kerry: ‘when the president goes overseas, it’s a blooper reel’. Alexandria-Ocasio’s spoke for the progressives in the party, with her former advisor illustrating possible divisions ahead: ‘right now got a common goal to beat Trump but come January we maybe have a different goal’

·      Wednesday: Hillary Clinton implored people to vote, whilst Obama delivered an unprecedented criticism of Trump as a former President. ‘I did hope for the sake of our country that Trump would show some interest in taking job seriously. He can’t grow into the job: 170,000 Americans are dead. Millions of jobs gone’. Talked of finding a brother in Joe Biden, whose team will hope Obama’s popularity rubs off on him. Kamala Harris ‘worked to warm those constituencies that Biden can’t, including younger voters, women and people of colour’. She said ‘I know a predator when I see one’ and described racial injustice as a virus. Of which ‘there is no vaccine for’

·      The Democrats painted a picture of America as sorrowful and damaged by Trump’s Presidency, they relentlessly attacked the President. Knowing that if Americans share this vision votes will support them. The solution though? That’s something Biden needs to provide.

·      The Republican response to all this? An utterly brutal attack ad on Biden’s senility.

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