As Donald Trump claims Mail-In-Voting will make the election ‘fraudulent and inaccurate’ we follow the decades-long battle over claimed voter fraud. Going back to the infamous election night of 2000, when Americans awoke the following day not knowing who their President was.  

Erik Green interviews William Barnard to discuss the role of Democrats Abroad in increasing support for the party and turnout this election amongst Americans living abroad. 


We talk once again to Democratic voter Amelia Morel and Greg Swenson from Republican Overseas. Discussing the last few months of the campaign, what happened on election night, what next for the two parties, and for America. Plus what has surprised them about their country since the last time we spoke in the summer. 
  1. The Aftermath
  2. How does America feel? : Robert Griffin on the beliefs and behaviours of America voters
  3. How does America feel? : Rebecca Pinn Young Democrats of America

Click Here for the long read that links to this podcast episode. Which charts the debate over voting fraud and analyses how mail-in ballots have become increasingly politicised. As well as looking at some of the lessons that can be learned from the midterms held during the Spanish Influenza Pandemic in 1918 and a New York congressional election held last June, to ensure the 2020 election result is not undermined. On an election night that sets to be like no other as millions of Americans cast their ballot away from the polling station and mail-in votes play an unprecedented role.

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