Campaign Summary:

With much focus this week on events in the Senate and Congress, here’s a special weekly update on the state of the Senate elections also taking place this November. 

·      After a flurry of positive polls the likelihood of the Democrats winning the Senate is increasing. This would deliver a huge arm of support behind Joe Biden delivering on his campaign promises. Some of the explanation behind ‘this is thanks to Biden’s lead over President Trump as the current national environment is very favourable to Democrats’. Evidence has found that over the last few years, the Senate race has become increasingly aligned with the Presidential election result. 

·      One of the states under threat is Georgia, where Republicans are losing support from suburban and African-American voters. Analysis here on Georgia’s tightening senate and presidential races.

·      As Coronavirus limits campaign events, incumbent Republican senators ‘are growing fearful that Democratic candidates are receiving such little scrutiny that they could steamroll to victory, by raising huge amounts of money that fund smart media campaigns on TV and social media’.

·      Meanwhile… negations on a new coronavirus relief bill have hit an impasse on Capitol Hill, leaving ‘no clear path forward’. This means ‘some 20million jobless Americans will lose $600 weekly enhanced unemployment benefits that Congress approved in March’. A fallback plan presented by the White House was met with resistance from some Republican Senators, as divisions grow on all sides. 

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