Campaign Summary:

  • Donald Trump criticised US infectious disease expert Antony Fauci: ‘he’s made a lot of mistakes’ and said ‘I disagree with him’ on Fauci’s assessment the country was not in a good place.
    • 67% of voters trust Fauci for information on coronavirus compared with 26% who trusted Trump. 
  • Joe Biden announced a new climate plan, spending $2trillion over 4 years. Biden promised to create million jobs in electric vehicle manufacturing, upgrade buildings ,clean up extractive industries and invest in carbon-capture tech.  Biden promised to help fund Americans make their homes more efficient and buy cleaner cars. 

Donald Trump pardoned Roger Stone, convicted of lying to protect the president, going further than Nixon ever dared. During Watergate Nixon promised to pardon ‘three lieutenants’ but never followed through aware of the public outcry for such avoidance of justice. 

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